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About Us

I have been interested in all things aquatic since I was a young boy when my Great Auntie would take me to the local aquatics store to feed the koi. Growing up there was always a fish tank in the house which grew my interest and turned fish keeping in to my hobby.

At the age of 18 I started working in the aquatics industry as a Saturday boy at a new local store. After college I continued to progress in the company and went from Assistant Manager to Store Manager as I gained more experience. After 15 years of managing one of the largest aquatics stores in the country I decided it was time for something (a bit) different, that's when Tidal Aquatic Maintenance was born.

With years of experience keeping tropical, marine and pond fish, I can offer my customers expert advice and services to help them succeed in their hobby and create beautiful aquascapes in their homes and gardens.

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