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Services we can provide...

Pond Maintenance 

All ponds will benefit from regular cleaning, at Tidal we can create a maintenance schedule to suit you and your pond. This can include a full clean where we can empty, clean and refill the pond; or a more regular light clean all with out disturbing your fish. We use a high quality pond vac to remove the sludge and debris from your pond.

Pond filter cleaning and servicing

We can clean and service all types of filter systems, this will include cleaning or replacing filter media, UV bulb replacement, cleaning pumps and impellers, checking and changing seals, and repairing pipework and plumbing.

Pond health checks

If you have any concerns about your pond water quality or your fishes health we can come and give your pond a health check. We can test and analyse your water on site and advise on how to improve your water quality. We also offer microscope scrapes on sick or un well fish. From this we can diagnose specific parasites and recommend the correct treatment. 

Pond sitting

If you want to go away but don't want to leave your pond with an inexperienced friend or relative we can come in and feed and check up on your fish. We can even do any regular maintenance that needs doing whilst you are away.

Pond and filtration design

We can help you with every aspect of pond design from lining it to how to filter you pond. 

Fish transportation 

With over 17 years experience of packing and transporting fish, allow us to take the stress out of moving your fish.

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