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Services we can provide...

Aquarium Services

Tidal aquatic maintenance can create the perfect maintenance plan for aquariums of all types and sizes. From reef aquariums to goldfish tanks we can make your tank sparkle.

Aquarium cleaning

We can clean and service all types of aquariums and filter systems. An aquarium clean will typically include a water change, gravel clean, cleaning or replacing filter media, checking and changing seals, a glass scrape and decor clean.

Aquarium healthcheck

If you have any concerns about your aquarium water quality or your fishes health we can come and give your aquarium a health check. We can test and analyse your water on site and advise on how to improve your water quality. We also offer disease diagnosis and treatment advice.

Aquarium sitting

If you want to go away but don't want to leave your aquarium with an inexperienced friend or relative we can come in and feed and check up on your fish. We can even do any regular maintenance that needs doing whilst you are away.

Aquarium Installation

We have years of experience of installing aquariums of all shapes and sizes. Custom aquariums installation and design is also available. We specialise in Red Sea, Juwel and Fluval Aquarium.

Aquarium relocation and closure

We can safely transport your aquarium and fish from one location to another, providing your fish and corals with the best care during the transition. We can help you close down your aquarium and help with rehoming fish and removal of the old aquarium and equipment.

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